Seller's Closing Information

  1. Locate your Owner's Title Insurance Policy. Be prepared to deliver it to your listing agent, who will forward it to your designated closing agent. This not only creates efficiencies, but also minimizes the risk of title objections. Your policy may also qualify for a re-issue credit discount!
  2. If you have them, locate your property Survey and Flood Elevation Certificate and provide this to your listing agent, who will forward it to the closing agent and other parties requesting same.
  3. Locate your mortgage statement (s) for loan information and bank contact information. This includes credit lines.
  4. If applicable, have Condominium and Homeowner's Association contact information at hand. If your property is a condominium, be prepared to order the Declaration of Condominium, including Question and Answer Sheet, Current Year End Financial Information and any recorded Amendments. These items are required under the contract to be delivered to your purchaser.
  5. Experienced Title Solutions, Inc. will find out if there are any open or expired permits on your home. They may exist prior to you purchasing your property, but MUST be closed out with the municipality prior to closing.
  6. If any parties to the transaction are not local and accessible, notify your listing agent so that arrangements can be made in advance to properly execute documents for closing.
  7. All parties that are on the title to the property, and those added on by quit claim deed are necessary parties to sign the transfer documents. Also, on homestead property, if you are married, but your spouse is a non-title holder, he or she must sign the deed at closing as well.
  8. It is required that each Seller bring to closing an official form of identification which includes a photo, such as your Driver's License or Passport.

Please call Experienced Title Solutions, Inc. to answer any other title related questions. It's never too early to be properly prepared for a smooth sailing closing later! It would be our pleasure to assist you.

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