Title & Escrow Services in Florida

We know quick turnaround and dependability are what you need. As specialist in Reverse Mortgages and being registered and trained in EClosings and being available anywhere in the state of Florida, our joint goal is to make your borrower happy. Our goal is to provide you and your clients a smooth and positive experience. Because every closing should be this easy!

Our Motto - Experienced Title Solutions, Inc. knows you are the reason we exist and we don't forget it!

Experience - Experienced Title Solutions, Inc. has over 15 years of combined knowledge and experience in real estate, law, title insurance, mortgage documentation and closing techniques. We have developed a clear understanding of the industry and the individuals that would benefit from the services provided by our associates. You can count on us to get you closed!

Convenience - Experienced Title Solutions, Inc. recognizes that time is money. Since many clients may find it difficult to run to a title company to sign papers or to take time off their busy schedule to travel across town for a closing, Experienced Title Solutions, Inc. offers the right alternative for them! We will close any transaction at your clients' convenience, including mobile closings, evening hours and weekends. Our commitment to satisfying you and your client is our #1 priority.

Competitive Rates - Experienced Title Solutions, Inc. understands that closing costs can be burdensome on home owners and new home buyers. Some closing agents have little to no regard as to how important it is for your transaction to close in a cost effective manner. With this in mind, we strive to offer competitive rates to keep your client's cost to a minimum, while still upholding the high standards of our integrity and professionalism.

Communication - Experienced Title Solutions, Inc. prides itself in the fact that you will always receive an immediate and enthusiastic response to accommodate your needs.
From beginning to end, Experienced Title Solutions, Inc. keeps all the parties involved in the transaction fully informed. Our representatives will contact you upon initial receipt of you order and continue repeated contact throughout the closing process. We explain everything upfront thus minimizing confusion and ensuring no surprises at closing. Specifically, is incorporating a fully integrated internet system where you and your client can get up to the minute information on the status of your transaction.

Technology - Experienced Title Solutions, Inc. applies the most advanced title software and computer technology which allows us the capability of being able to adhere to last minute changes quickly and on-site of a closing!

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